Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Fetishghost cup purchase from Etsy

This item that I ordered from fetishghost on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/fetishghost was packed and shipped quickly with Extra special care. He attractively doubled boxed the yunomi cup I pick out, which shows me that customer satisfaction is very important to him.
I have been watching Fetishghost's work for a while and have ended up reading his blog http://fetishghost.blogspot.com/
Last week I saw the cup I had to have. After receiving the cup, my only regret is that I had not bought other cups earlier. This cup is fantastic. In the day of digital photography it is easy to make a photo look better than the real item. Not only are his photos great but appreciating this cup in my hand is even more amazing.


Two of my daughters are asking for there own fetishghost cups. For me the fit in the hand is just perfect for my favorite drink on ice.
The gentle, out-of-round shape redefines perfection; how could round make it better? Not likely! The textural glaze, not perfectly smooth, gives the cup a tactile surface that sends intriguing textural signals to my brain that crawl across my mind while I hold it and sip my drink. The imagery nicely wraps around the cup, which gives further reason to touch and hold the cup, slowly rotating it to follow the design.
Back to the packaging. As I said, it was double boxed by someone that cared about the cup he was sending out to me. I also enjoyed the presentation of the box. This was not just a package to get an item from there to here but a container that held something that was considered valuable to the sender and receiver, thought over and cared about from the moment it sat on the pottery wheel to the last when it was turned over to the post office. The exterior of the box had several stampings that let me know that this package was from the fetishghost etsy store. As I opened the package I saw the extra care of the second box nested in newspaper. On the second box was a post card that I really enjoyed and it was carefully attached to the box with a fetishghost sticker. Pinned to the post card was a 1" button with an image of four skulls in a circle. Zygote's attention to detail proves his understanding of how we all deep-down like the little extra touches that reinforce that our decision to make this purchase was a good one.
Even though I purchased this cup for myself I feel like I just got a special gift in the mail from an old friend.  


  1. Kind word really do feel good. I'm glowing all pink.

  2. What a nice, thoughtful post. Hearing this from a customer is just the sort of thing that makes it all worthwhile for a maker of things!

  3. hi troy,
    didn't realize you were blogging. i love joel's work too and have two of his yunomis that we cherish and use constantly for tea and smoothies. sofia and i usually fight over them. it's lovely to hear you describe the tactile quality of the piece, some of us could use that kind of eloquent writing to accompany the stuff we post online. cheers

  4. ah yes indeed a perfect purchase!!

  5. Thank you for sharing - I didn't know about his work or blog - glad I do now - beautiful stuff.

  6. Mudstar you should buy one of his cups and get to know him up close and personal, he is a real treat!

  7. You are really an advanced collector Mr Bungart!!
    I can to see here only créations in ceramic of very good quality ^^ !!