Friday, June 17, 2011

Oak Burl Serving Spoon

I just listed this crazy figured spoon on Etsy . This spoon was a blast to carve but also it had some tense moments as well.
The shape was one that I had been drawing on paper and turning over in my mind for some time. I was waiting for the right piece of wood that could carry this form. Even though I knew that this special piece of wood was strong enough to complement this form I was intimidated by the rarity of the piece of wood itself. I have only ever found one oak burl large enough to make a spoon out of and I did not want to waste it and I did not want it to go underutilized.

 My daughter Lydia shoots my photos. It is fun to work with her while we set up the shots. I have to adjust my thinking from being fully in the round to two dimensional. I have held this spoon in my mind for so long I can see it with my eyes closed. When we start shooting photos it can take a few shots to get the ones that can represent my minds image of a spoon that I know so well but most everyone else will only see two dimensionally.
I am pretty happy with the photos that we took and I look forward to making another spoon out of crazy red oak burl.

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  1. Hi- thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment as well. I had seen your work on Etsy and love the tools and spoons- very nicely done.
    Wood and glass are two other arts that draw me in.
    Also I need a photographer in the family!