Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ghoul Head Whistles

OK I have gone and done it. I was playing around with some clay having fun and I started making my ghoul head whistles again. These are fun little whistles that can hang from a necklace or a key chain. So, here they are as listed on

Ghoul Head Pedant Bead Whistles

Ghoul Head Pedant Bead Whistles
Ghoul Head Pedant Bead WhistlesGhoul Head Pedant Bead WhistlesGhoul Head Pedant Bead WhistlesGhoul Head Pedant Bead WhistlesGhoul Head Pedant Bead Whistles
This set of four ghoul heads with mouths gaping open will let you express your ghoulish side with a twisted cheerful toot. Not only do these heads have an extra hole which is always useful for stringing them up on a necklace but they also are a whistle which gives a clear toot with an easy blow.

These four naked raku fired ghoul heads are all about 2 1/4" long. They are great for sharing with your favorite scary friends or just for keeping all to yourself. They will come with a round leather cord that is over 36" long and you can adjust it to the size you like or add other beads to your ghoul team to suite your tastes.

I have hand made this set of four ghoul head whistles with loving care and special attention to the macabre feelings that these detached heads express. If four heads are too many for you to handle I can make a one item private listing just for you for $10.00 without the cord, just convo me and I will prepare your private ghoul head listing personally.

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