Monday, April 22, 2013

Purple Heart Pottery Rib; Hard to let this one go!

I just found some Purple Heart lumber that's both striped and curly.  It makes a rare and delightful pottery tool.  It was exciting to watch the figuring in the wood play across the rib as it took shape at the belt sander.

Purple Heart or Amaranth is native to tropical regions of Central and South America where it grows in the tropical rain forests of Brazil, Guyana and Suriname.  It has the unique characteristic of being UV sensitive. When it is freshly cut or sanded the surface is brown but after exposure to sunlight it turns a wonderful shade of purple.

This is Purple Heart after it is shaped but before exposure to sunlight.

The same Purple Heart rib after only two days of exposure to sunlight.

 Close up of the curls in this piece. No stains or dyes! 



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  1. Beautiful; I had no idea that amaranth grew that large and amazing how it changes to such a wonderful deep color.