Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ceramic Bowl Purchase From Jim Gottuso of Sofia's Dad's Pots

I was following links and favorites on when I came across this listing at  Sofia's Dad's Pots. Sofia's Dad's Pots is run by Jim Gottuso and is named for his Daughter Sofia who is known as "the bug" on his blog  I had an instant connection with this bowl and Jim's work in general, so I hit the button and made the bowl mine.  I could not believe how fast Jim shipped this bowl to me, I bought it on a weekend during a holiday season and still received it in two business days!

 With bowl in hand I gave it the critical potter's look-over. The bowl is crisp, clean and tight. Jim's wheel work is outstanding.  He trimmed the foot in a way that gives the illusion of a floating bowl, which is a presentation that I enjoy.

The chatter marks around the exterior of the bowl combined with the underglaze pattern create a visual excitement that adds movement and harmonizes with the underlying tight form. The overglaze gives a pleasant soft feel to the bowl in my hand.

I found it to be an excellent bowl paired with one of my elm burl wood spoons for enjoying a hearty bowl of chili.
I was so pleased with Jim's work that I bought a second bowl.

If you follow his blog  you will see that he is going to continue to delight us with exciting, well crafted pieces to use and enjoy.  Plus you get to see what "the bug" is up to!

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  1. Love these bowls, and you're right it looks great with your wooden spoon. Nice Etsy finds!