Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have been making some more pottery tools. This rib is made from a highly figured piece of Bocote wood. I like to make these ribs to be attractive to look at, using beautiful woods and graceful shapes, but I still want them to be uniquely functional at the pottery wheel. I work hard at making curves without nicks, flat spots or wavy edges. I expect my ribs to be the last thing that a potter has to think about when she is creating the perfect curve in forming a bowl on the pottery wheel.

This rib is made from Brazilian Cherry. It is a very dense wood that is often used in flooring and furniture. I particularly like the deep curve on this rib. A rib shaped like this one is very good at forming a smaller bowl such as a cereal bowl. The very shallow curve gives it the ability to be useful in forming large platters or flanges on bowls.

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