Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you remember the first time you sat dowm to the wheel?

My daughter asked if she could learn how to make pots on the wheel. She had never been interested before but I believe that anytime is a good time to learn. So, down to the studio we headed. Our studio is in a remodeled three car garage with a loft. The lower portion dedicated to clay and the loft to books. She watched me make a couple of pots. You know how that always looks so easy when someone else is doing it? Well, she sat down and did what every beginner does and she stopped and said "You made it look so easy". The funny thing about working at the pottery wheel is that there does not need to be much success in order to get hooked and she is hooked. I would say she is ready for lesson 2 we raise up and move the seat in closer and tuck that elbow in!
It will be a lot of fun to teach my daughter how to work at the wheel. I have taught others how to work at the wheel but this is special and I intend to measure success only in hours spent together. She on the other hand wants to make a cave man cup. We both succeeded today!


  1. Hi Troy,
    It's looking great so far! I'll shoot you off an e-mail tonight on Etsy and let you know what I think in a little more detail. In the mean time, keep the posts coming!

  2. Also I do remember the first time I sat down at a wheel, it was about 3 months ago and I was in a class full of fellow students who all knew what they were doing! But it is certainly addictive, and I find it had to pull myself away from it now.